Demande d’indemnisation

Si notre expert juge la demande cohérente et viable, nous constituons le dossier d’expertise à joindre à la demande d’indemnisation que nous vous aiderons à constituer.

Dans le cas contraire, nous vous donnerons les notes des experts et les différents avis sur votre demande.

Testing & UltrasoundWith so many types of testing required for you to go through before your pregnancy is over, we offer them all - starting with same-day pregnancy tests, to STDs testing to ultrasound and child's gender testing.
Individual or GroupCounseling and support, just as well as maternity and paternity classes are vital in order for both mother and father to become psychologically ready for becoming parents, well before you go into labor.
Health & MindHere, at our medical clinic we'll be taking good care of both your psychological and medical wellbeing, doing the well-being exams and treatments, on par with providing informative tips and classes...

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We know how stressful your pregnancy might be, both for you and your life partner or a spouse. By visiting your first general consultation with us you will get answers for all of your questions.